How to Create a WordPress Post or categories

In this  tutorial we will teach you the very basic thing you need to do with WordPress  begineers – how to creating posts OR Categories

How to create WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are a very inportant  to specified  your posts

If no category is specified for a post then the post is automatically filed into the default categories(uncategorized)


  1. Log in to your WordPress Account
  2. Clicks post option button >categories

wp categories

clicks option Add a new categories

add a new cate

Enters your categories name suppose you want to make categories about blogs

Enters a slug (slug is also called url of your categories)

Enters a description about categories (description is appers in your google search )

Then click Add a New category 

your first category is  Now ready. Now, let’s make a sub-category of the blogs and that name is wordpress

sub category

  • Now enter your sub-category name suppose your sub-category name is wordpress enter wordpress on name
  • create a slug of sub-category
  •  most important  is choose parent category of sub -category
  • write a description about your sub -category
  • then click now your sub-category is create


How to create WordPress post

To begin how to create a wordpress post , login to your site admin panel and go to Posts -> Add New

add a new post

Then you will show a wordpress  post editors windows

Most important:

  • Title:-The title of your post.Enter the title of your post in this field Suppose your post title is my first post enter my first post in title bar
  • Publish:-publish button is most important button it controls your post to be publishing ,draft, pending after a submit publish button your post on live you can also update your post via publish buttons
  • Post Tags:-posts with similar tags are linked together when a user clicks one of the tags
  • Preview :- that buttons allow to view before publish look like on your website
  • Permalink :-permalinks is specified url of your post

Start a posting a new post 

last step

  • Enter a title of post
  • Enter a post content of post ‘
  • Choose a modify permalinks of your post url
  • select a category or sub category
  • preview your post
  • CLICK publish button

Now your is  live




How to Install WordPress Themes

In this  tutorial  we will provide you with detailed step by step instructions on how to install a WordPress theme for beginners guide

Install a Theme via wordpress Theme Search

The easiest way to install themes to your WordPress site is if they are listed in the official themes directory.

If you are want install theme using wordpress Directory 

first thing you need to go Appearance >Theme

step1wordpress theme tut

Here, you will see all the themes you have currently installed in your website/blogs

If you want  to add new one theme > click on the Add New button at the top


Then If you know the theme’s name, you can simply search for it OR Browse ( popular wordpress theme ,latest wordpress theme), then install on your wordpress website

When you see the theme that you want to install, then now install

Suppose you select Add Themes ‹WordPress>Twenty Thirteen theme 

install wp theame

-clicks install button>

WordPress will now install your theme and show you a success message with the link to activate or live preview.

Live Preview | Activate| Return to Theme Installer

wp theame install success

Then clicks active BUTTON you’ve successfully installed and activated your WP theme.


Install a Theme  via Upload Method:-

if you want to install a custom theme? you would need to install the theme using the upload method from your WordPress admin.

Then downloads a copy of theme that you want to install theme on your wordpress website/blog

wp upload theme

  1. Next login your wordpress account >
  2.  clicks Appearance button>
  3. clicks theme option>
  4. then clicks ADD NEW option>
  5. click upload option button on header toolbar
  6. upload .zip file
  7. Click on the activate button, and you’ve successfully installed and activated your WordPress theme

upload wp add theme

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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners



WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), which allows the users to build dynamic websites and blogs.

wordpress is best CMS(Content Management System) in the world and also most popular blogging system in the world .

WordPress allows updating, customizing and managing and much more option in wordpress today over 10 millons

Advantge of wordpress


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