How to stop windows 10 / Pro auto update

How to stop windows 10 / Pro auto update:-

” Hey Guys Welcome in This Tutorial you Learn About How To Stop(Disable) Windows 10/ pro Auto Update”


  • Windows 10 / 10 Pro is Today Most Uses Worldwide PC OS
  • Windows Will Always Provided Best Update for Improving Security and Drivers Update

disable window auto update


What is Windows Update :-

The Windows  Update will Always Provided update in  includes new innovations, features and security capabilities. So Windows will Auto Provided update via auto-updates Or Windows Update Assistant.

So’ If You don’t want to auto update your windows here is step by step Process:-



  • Windows Will Automatics set a Default auto update on your PC for best features and security Capabilities

So, If You don’t want to you can disable auto update on your pc

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How to stop windows 10 auto update:-

You can manage or Stop the Windows 10 Auto upgrade by using any of the following Step

Here Is Two Ways To Turn Off / Disabled Auto Update you can also try second method

How To Turn Off Windows Update:-

  • Open The windows 10 startup Menu


Open The Startup Menu Windows 10 Update

  • Search It  services.msc then open it ( Or open Run (Windows Button + R)  Then Type services.msc and Run It You will Open New Pop-up

How To disable windows auto update


  • Scroll Down and Go to Window Update Double Clicks on IT ( or Right clicks go to properties )
  • Now Go to General Section

How do i start windows 10 auto update

  • Then Select Startup Type You will show The menu (Automatics, Automatics Delay in start , manual , Disabled )
  • select ‘Disabled’ in the Startup type list .
  • clicks Apply button and OK ‘ Congrats Your Computer Will No longer provide Auto Update on Your PC

So, Try Also Second Method



Block windows 10/ Pro Auto Update using Computer Configuration:

You can also  block Your Windows Auto upgrade (or stop windows 10 pro auto update) by using Computer Configuration,


Here is Step By Step Tutorials :-


  1. first of all Press Win-R, type gpedit.msc, press Enter. This will be open  the Local Group Policy Editor.
  2. Now Find Computer Configuration and Click on It
  3. Then Click on The Policies Option.
  4. Now Clicks  Administrative Templates.
  5. Click Windows Components.
  6. Click Windows Update.
  7. Double-click Turn off the upgrade to the latest version of Windows through Windows Update.
  8. Click Enable.
  9. finally You Block Windows Auto Update 


finally you ” stop windows 10 pro auto update ” Hope You Like It  also Check more Blog

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