How to start a blog and make money Free 2017 Guide

Start a Blog :-Hey Guys Today Many People Searching About  how to start a blog and make money, How To Create A Free Blog on google and Many Others Question About So, Here Is Complete Guide To Create A blog and start earning from google adsence [ For beginners ultimate guide ]

Before a Start :- Read This Full Tutorial Carefully and start a blog in just ( Half an Hour ) starting making money from google adsence  (blogger or blogspot)

Note:-   how to create a blog for free on google 

Q.Why  I Start a Blog Via Blogspot .?

  •  It’s  Totally Free
  • No any Cost for Hosting
  • no hidden cost
  • Auto Template
  • easily Started Making Money From Google
  • Post Via Mobile or PC

Start A Blog :-

Highlight :-

  • Create a first Blog
  • Publish a New Post or Page
  • Page  Layout Setting
  • Customize your Theme
  • Start Making Money  earning

Create a First Blog :-

Hey friends are you want To start a Blog it’s great but Before starting Today Many Blogging platform available on web like one of most popular  Wordpress and Blogspot if You start  a new then Google Blogspot is great Here is Step By Step Tutorial To create a Blog and started earning from Google Adsence

  1. First Of All Go To and click Create Your Blog
  2. Then  Sign in Your Google(Gmail) account If You Don’t Have any Google(gmail) Then Sign up Continue
  3. Now Click On Create a New Blog
  4. Then a Pop-up Windows Open and Ask You Create a Title and address 


For E.g :-

  • First of all In Title Section  Enter Your Title of Your Blog Website ( Just like I Enter SrBlog A Tech Blog) suppose  That If You start a Blog For Food Then You Can Also Title ( My Food Blog , A tasty Food Blog) in simple word whatever you want Create a suitable title for your blog website ( Note:- You Can Change it In Future )
  • Most Important :- a Blog Address is most important section for Your Blog Website . Blog address is Url (web address) of  Your Website So Pick Unique Blog address

Note:-  :-

  • No If Your Blog address name is Not available try different one
  • You Can Add Your Custom Domain In Future ( Like , oR whatever You want )

5. Choose Your Template and Hit Press Create A blog 

Finally You Created Your Blog start a blog


Publish a New Post:-

All Done Now Write Your Blog In Text it’s amazing and Start a Blog and Making Money From Your Blog

How To Create a New post Blog on Blogspot

  • First Of All Click post section button in left sidebar
  • Then Click On New POST

start a blog


  1. Create a Post Title For Your Blog (E.g:- This Is My First Tech Blog On Blogspot  )
  2. Now Write a Post
  3. You Can Also Change Url ( Click permalink and change custom link )
  4. Now Click preview and Customize and publish Your First Post

Finally You publish your first Blog Post

For Best Practice :-

  • Always Create a Unique post Don’t Copy from others website Because Google Robot.txt Will Detect You and Not visible on google search
  • Write a post  Minimum 300 Word For Better page ranking and View
  • Always Use Heading Tag , Bold Text and Highlight your Text For Better Page Rank
  • You Can Also Use Custom Permalink for eye-friendly link
  • Minimum Upload One Image Per Post For Better Ranking



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