How to Increase Internal Memory of Android Phone

How to Increase Internal Memory of Android Phone:-

” Hey Guys If You Want To Increase Your Android Memory it’s Good Here IS Step By Step Tutorial To How to Increase Internal Memory of Android Phone ”

Most Important :-Todays android  phone users facing very big problems in this article you learn about how to fix  insufficient storage problem or increase your internal storage available if you don’t available around 60% your phone getting very slow

Do you know that :-  60% android user facing hanging problem for low internal storage(insufficient storage available)


1:-open settings option in your android phone



2:- scroll down and open storage option in your android phone

open setting on android

3:-open internal storage in your phone 


 4:-clear cached Data on your phone

clear cahed data on android phone

This will says ” this will clear cached data for all apps ”

Clicks OK button then your phone have some more space

 5:-check App in internal storage 

check app in internal storage

check app in internal storage suppose Google play service have used more space used in your phone simply clicks on  google play service apps then you will show

clear cahed data on


clicks clear cache button clear apps  data you will get some cached storage on your phone

then clear all cached data on unwanted apps  on your phone

 6 :- change apps storage to SD card 

Mostly app are using your internal storage and  use lot of data on your internal storage don’t worry here tips to move your apps storage  to external SD card

  1. Swipe your apps and get app info option (suppose you want move your apps MX player storage to SD card )Screenshot_20160709-225704
  2. Then click The change option ButtonScreenshot_20160709-225714
  3. It’s says to select storage you want to move then select SD card and clicks Move option Screenshot_20160709-225719

You will get more space in your internal storage and use mobile faster

Note:- Facebook apps are always cached larger then 200 mb data so you always clear cached data on facebook or facebook messenger


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