How to Root[android] phone Step by Step Guide

Hey folks  if you searching for how to root android phone then you’re right place in this blog we cover Everything you need to know about ANDROID Root ,  howto root , is rooting safe .

root android

Table of content :-

  • Why Root
  • Types of Root
  • kingoroot vs Magicsk
  • How to Root android via kingoroot with Mobile
  • Root android with Pc[ kingoroot]
  • How to root android with Magicsk



Q. why Root   :-

Rooting is a process allow user to access superuser permission on android devices . means you can control and customize your android phone like Remove unwanted pre-installed system apps , Control Your apps android permission , improve battery backup , Install or flash custom Rom , Use gcam on android and much more customization available after root

Types of Root tools in android phone :-

Currently many tool available on developer forums to root your android devices some are one clicks root Simple and very easy to root your android[ For beginners ] in one click but unfortunately  not supported all devices . for Examples  frameroot , CF-Auto-Root ,

MagicSk vs Kingoroot :-
  • jhon wu(MagicSk) Root and kingoroot one of the very famous  tools for android Kingoroot is very easy one click root tools for beginners you can root your android phone with pc or without pc but Magicsk is bit long process .
  • Magicsk Root tool is developed by jhon wu and fully open source tool .After rooting via kingoroot you can’t able to use banking and some govt software but via magicsk root you can able to hide superuser access

How to Root android via kingoroot


Warning :-Rooting a android may void the warranty on the devices . always make sure before root your android device

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