How to install wordpress manually

In this tutorial  you learn about how to install wordpress  manually from your hosting provider such as (godaddy , bigrock,bluehost,hostgator and others hosting provider)

Step 1:Download WordPress


  1. First open  wordpress  website from
  2. Then clicks downloads option then download latest wordpress in your computer
  3. if you download .zip file wordpress please unzip file in your computer

Step 2:-Upload wordpress in your hosting account

Upload your wordpress software from FTP or File maneger

  •  Login into Cpanel
  • clicks file manager option
  • select web ROOT and clicks show hidden file then clicks go
  • open Public_html 
  • clicks upload option on toolbar
  • clicks and browse your wordpress file

Step 3:-Create MySQL Database and User

you need to create a MySQL database and assign a user to it with full permissions. WordPress stores its information in a database. Therefore, a database will need to be created.

Here step by step process to create MySQL databse

  1. Login your account into cpanel
  2. in capnel clicks MySQL Database Wizard
  3. then create a database name and clicks Next step
  4. enter the database user name and password and click Create User.
  5. Complete the task, make note of the database name, username and password

mysql wp

Note:-create a strong MyAQL username and password


Step 4:-Configure wp-config.php

The wp-config-sample.php file contains the database information and tells the WordPress application which database to pull information from. This step must be completed to ensure the correct database information is associated with the WordPress installation

If you have uploaded WordPress in your public_html directory you’ll need to go to in your preferred browser

Your domain says to There doesn’t seems to wp-config.php file 

Then now need to create a wp-config.php file

  1.        clicks the option create a wp-configuration file
  2. Then click let’s go option
  3. Enter the details for your newly created MySQL such as your database user name, databse password and enter all details then clicks Submit button

Note:- if enter all those correct information you will see a confirmation screen. Press the Run the Install button to proceed.

Step 5:-Run and install

wp run and install

  • Clicks Run and install button OR open
  • Now enter the information about your administrative username and the title of your new site and email address
  • Once you successful enter all information about your website then clicks Install wordpress option
Your new WordPress application is installed. You can use the Login In button to access your start posting in your new site

Note :-

  1. Always create strong password and save from hacker



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