How to Create a WordPress Post or categories

In this  tutorial we will teach you the very basic thing you need to do with WordPress  begineers – how to creating posts OR Categories

How to create WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are a very inportant  to specified  your posts

If no category is specified for a post then the post is automatically filed into the default categories(uncategorized)


  1. Log in to your WordPress Account
  2. Clicks post option button >categories

wp categories

clicks option Add a new categories

add a new cate

Enters your categories name suppose you want to make categories about blogs

Enters a slug (slug is also called url of your categories)

Enters a description about categories (description is appers in your google search )

Then click Add a New category 

your first category is  Now ready. Now, let’s make a sub-category of the blogs and that name is wordpress

sub category

  • Now enter your sub-category name suppose your sub-category name is wordpress enter wordpress on name
  • create a slug of sub-category
  •  most important  is choose parent category of sub -category
  • write a description about your sub -category
  • then click now your sub-category is create


How to create WordPress post

To begin how to create a wordpress post , login to your site admin panel and go to Posts -> Add New

add a new post

Then you will show a wordpress  post editors windows

Most important:

  • Title:-The title of your post.Enter the title of your post in this field Suppose your post title is my first post enter my first post in title bar
  • Publish:-publish button is most important button it controls your post to be publishing ,draft, pending after a submit publish button your post on live you can also update your post via publish buttons
  • Post Tags:-posts with similar tags are linked together when a user clicks one of the tags
  • Preview :- that buttons allow to view before publish look like on your website
  • Permalink :-permalinks is specified url of your post

Start a posting a new post 

last step

  • Enter a title of post
  • Enter a post content of post ‘
  • Choose a modify permalinks of your post url
  • select a category or sub category
  • preview your post
  • CLICK publish button

Now your is  live




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