Tez: How To Earn Money From Tez( Google Payment Service) UpTo 9000

Tez: Google india Launched Own UPI Based Digital Payment Wallets in India (Money Made Simple) , Also Starting Refer and Earn Program For Tez User Can Earn Upto 9000 Rs From Refers . And Also Win 1000 Scratch card Worth Upto 1000 AND Lucky winner win upto 1Lakh Per Friday (Lucky Friday) Here This Article Cover About How To Earn Money From Tez



  • Tez is Upi Based Digital Payment Wallets From Google
  • Google Wallets (Tez) Launched in India 18Th September 2017
  • Download Over Millions of Customer in India

How To Earn Money From Tez:-

Step 1:- If You Want To Earn Money From Tez Upto 9000 Rupees Or Win Upto 1000 Scratch card simply Install Apps Via Below Download Link From PlayStore

Click Here and install The apps Earn 51 Rupees Cashback

Most important :- When you Making first Successful payment 1 Rupees or more Then you Get 51 rupees in your account

Step 2:- Now Download and Install From Your Android or Ios Phone and After Install Open

Step 3 :- Enter Your Phone Number ( Most Important :- used Your Registered Mobile Number Linked With Your Bank Account For Upi) Then Verify Your Number

Step 4 :- Add Your Linked Bank Account and Verify Your Device

Must Important :- apps Will Send a Automatic Sms From Your Device For Security Purpose ( Normal Sms Charge Apply

Now You Need To Make Upi Pin IF you New Upi User How To Make Upi Pin

  • Enter Your Last 6 Digit Card Number and Expiry Date Of Your Card No
  • Then Enter A Unique Upi Pin ( Please Don’t use Or Mobile Number and Don’t share With anyone Else)
  • UPI PIN Very important For Making Upi transaction Like Send Money

Step 5 :- Now You Need Send Minimum 1 Rupees or More To Any User or Friends/ Family For Making First transaction and Earn Instant 51 Rupees Cashback On Your Wallets App

  • First Of ALL For Making First transaction on Tez Tap On Payment Button and Click NEW( via Phone ,Upi Id , Account Number Or QR CODE)
  • After Clicking On New Button >> Tez User / click on upi id send via upi >>Enter sender upi Id ( e.g = rsauravkumar@okaxis) and send 1 rupees
  • Enter Your UPI pin Send 1 rupees to or friends or me and Get 51 Rupees instant
  • Finally You Earn 51 Rupees

Step 5 :- If You Want To Also Earn Money From Tez APP Upto 9000 Rupees Refer and Earn Via Friends Read The Below Section Carefully


  • First Of All You Need To Open The App
  • Then Click On Offer Button
  • After click Offers Button invite Friends To
  • Then Clicks Invite Friends and Share Via Whatsapp( Group, or Friend ) Or Other Social Network

Finally You Started making Money From UPITez App ( Make Money Simple ) And Earn Upto 9000 Rupees

Tez :Now AlsO start all bill payment and Recharge And So you can Earn scratch card too…

Note :-

  1. you and Your Friends Earn 51 Rupees Instant If Your Friends install and make First PAYMENT ( valid Refer Url)
  2. All Terms And Condition apply From Apps

Diwali Scarth Coupon Bonaza:-

Now Tez Offer To Diwali Scratch Bonaza Send Your Friend 50 Or More And Get Upto 1000 Scratch Card maximum 5 per Week ..

  • No New Friend needed, Send your old friend to and Get Diwali Scratch Coupon Bonaza

Thanks Best Of Luck if You Have any question write on Comment

how To Make money from Youtube

How To Make money from Youtube:-

If You Want To Make Money From Youtube Here Full Tutorial to make money from Youtube.  Many ways to make money online. YouTUBE is one of them and Real ways  to make Money Online From YOUTUBE via ADS.

Turn your passion into profit.

There are Many people out there who make a lot of money with YouTube. There are even some artists who are earning over $2,000 every day from their YouTube videos.


 STEP 1:- Create a Google(gmail) account

  • first of all Create a Google(gmail) account First
  • if you Have already  (gmail) account then simply sign in on



STEP 2:-Create Your channel  for more impression on Youtube

  • first Of all Now Clicks right side header on top bar
  • Then Click on My Channel button or Setting page
  • Now create a unique channel name whatever You want to be on Youtube
  • upload unique channel profile pic for more impression on youtube for viewers
  • All be set


STEP 3 :- Start Uploading content

  • upload Unique Video from You not copyrights from others
  • Even  if your content isn’t great at first, keep at it. Practice makes perfect. Try to make each video better than the last. You will often learn as you go
  • Keep your videos on the up and up: YouTube is a place to showcase your creativity, but videos don’t belong on YouTube if they feature hate speech, sexual content or nudity, violence, spam, or threats. Check out the explanation of YouTube’s policies in our Community Guidelines.

STEP 4:- Set Up Your  Channel for earn Money 

Get your  Account ready to earn: Turn Your Passion  in Profit Via ADSENCE

How to link your AdSense account to your YouTube channel

  1.  First Enable your channel for monetization.
  2.  Verify Your Youtube Account by Using  UNIQUE MOBILE NO
  3. Then Connect your YouTube channel to an AdSense account in order to earn money and get paid for your monetized videos.
  4. Enter The correct address because google adsence team sent a adsence verification for payments
  5. after You fill the form then now clicks  submit button
  6. Take a minute to get to know the kinds of videos you can monetize and the different ad formats.
  7. Select “monetize with ads” for your videos and choose which ad formats and videos you want from Creator Studio app and in video manager.
  8. Keep uploading great videos that your community loves to watch!

Wait till 1-2Days For your account Review then adsence will Approve Your account

Finally Congrats ALL are done Monetize Your Video and start making earn money online #best of Luck

Most important :- Please Read All Note from Youtube (Google) For keep good account standing


  1.  Most Important No Community Guidelines strikes
  2. So ,No copyright strikes
  3. age-restricted content won’t be eligible for monetization.
  4. keep it legal: You’re responsible for making sure your content doesn’t violate any laws. Don’t promote illegal products or encourage people to commit dangerous illegal acts. Keep in mind, we accept valid complaints about all kinds of legal issues, including trademark, defamation, and counterfeit.
  5. Think about all the different pieces of your video: Think about the music, video clips, or even something that’s playing in the background for a short time. Each of these creative works is probably protected by copyright. Did you create each piece yourself? Great! If you didn’t create every part of your video, you’ll need to learn more about the rules for using someone else’s copyrighted work.

ALWAYS keep it REAL Thanks