Tez: How To Earn Money From Tez( Google Payment Service) UpTo 9000

Tez: Google india Launched Own UPI Based Digital Payment Wallets in India (Money Made Simple) , Also Starting Refer and Earn Program For Tez User Can Earn Upto 9000 Rs From Refers . And Also Win 1000 Scratch card Worth Upto 1000 AND Lucky winner win upto 1Lakh Per Friday (Lucky Friday) Here This Article Cover About How To Earn Money From Tez



  • Tez is Upi Based Digital Payment Wallets From Google
  • Google Wallets (Tez) Launched in India 18Th September 2017
  • Download Over Millions of Customer in India

How To Earn Money From Tez:-

Step 1:- If You Want To Earn Money From Tez Upto 9000 Rupees Or Win Upto 1000 Scratch card simply Install Apps Via Below Download Link From PlayStore

Click Here and install The apps Earn 51 Rupees Cashback

Most important :- When you Making first Successful payment 1 Rupees or more Then you Get 51 rupees in your account

Step 2:- Now Download and Install From Your Android or Ios Phone and After Install Open

Step 3 :- Enter Your Phone Number ( Most Important :- used Your Registered Mobile Number Linked With Your Bank Account For Upi) Then Verify Your Number

Step 4 :- Add Your Linked Bank Account and Verify Your Device

Must Important :- apps Will Send a Automatic Sms From Your Device For Security Purpose ( Normal Sms Charge Apply

Now You Need To Make Upi Pin IF you New Upi User How To Make Upi Pin

  • Enter Your Last 6 Digit Card Number and Expiry Date Of Your Card No
  • Then Enter A Unique Upi Pin ( Please Don’t use Or Mobile Number and Don’t share With anyone Else)
  • UPI PIN Very important For Making Upi transaction Like Send Money

Step 5 :- Now You Need Send Minimum 1 Rupees or More To Any User or Friends/ Family For Making First transaction and Earn Instant 51 Rupees Cashback On Your Wallets App

  • First Of ALL For Making First transaction on Tez Tap On Payment Button and Click NEW( via Phone ,Upi Id , Account Number Or QR CODE)
  • After Clicking On New Button >> Tez User / click on upi id send via upi >>Enter sender upi Id ( e.g = rsauravkumar@okaxis) and send 1 rupees
  • Enter Your UPI pin Send 1 rupees to or friends or me and Get 51 Rupees instant
  • Finally You Earn 51 Rupees

Step 5 :- If You Want To Also Earn Money From Tez APP Upto 9000 Rupees Refer and Earn Via Friends Read The Below Section Carefully


  • First Of All You Need To Open The App
  • Then Click On Offer Button
  • After click Offers Button invite Friends To
  • Then Clicks Invite Friends and Share Via Whatsapp( Group, or Friend ) Or Other Social Network

Finally You Started making Money From UPITez App ( Make Money Simple ) And Earn Upto 9000 Rupees

Tez :Now AlsO start all bill payment and Recharge And So you can Earn scratch card too…

Note :-

  1. you and Your Friends Earn 51 Rupees Instant If Your Friends install and make First PAYMENT ( valid Refer Url)
  2. All Terms And Condition apply From Apps

Diwali Scarth Coupon Bonaza:-

Now Tez Offer To Diwali Scratch Bonaza Send Your Friend 50 Or More And Get Upto 1000 Scratch Card maximum 5 per Week ..

  • No New Friend needed, Send your old friend to and Get Diwali Scratch Coupon Bonaza

Thanks Best Of Luck if You Have any question write on Comment

How to start a blog and make money Free 2017 Guide

Start a Blog :-Hey Guys Today Many People Searching About  how to start a blog and make money, How To Create A Free Blog on google and Many Others Question About So, Here Is Complete Guide To Create A blog and start earning from google adsence [ For beginners ultimate guide ]

Before a Start :- Read This Full Tutorial Carefully and start a blog in just ( Half an Hour ) starting making money from google adsence  (blogger or blogspot)

Note:-   how to create a blog for free on google 

Q.Why  I Start a Blog Via Blogspot .?

  •  It’s  Totally Free
  • No any Cost for Hosting
  • no hidden cost
  • Auto Template
  • easily Started Making Money From Google
  • Post Via Mobile or PC

Start A Blog :-

Highlight :-

  • Create a first Blog
  • Publish a New Post or Page
  • Page  Layout Setting
  • Customize your Theme
  • Start Making Money  earning

Create a First Blog :-

Hey friends are you want To start a Blog it’s great but Before starting Today Many Blogging platform available on web like one of most popular  Wordpress and Blogspot if You start  a new then Google Blogspot is great Here is Step By Step Tutorial To create a Blog and started earning from Google Adsence

  1. First Of All Go To www.blogger.com and click Create Your Blog
  2. Then  Sign in Your Google(Gmail) account If You Don’t Have any Google(gmail) Then Sign up Continue
  3. Now Click On Create a New Blog
  4. Then a Pop-up Windows Open and Ask You Create a Title and address 


For E.g :-

  • First of all In Title Section  Enter Your Title of Your Blog Website ( Just like I Enter SrBlog A Tech Blog) suppose  That If You start a Blog For Food Then You Can Also Title ( My Food Blog , A tasty Food Blog) in simple word whatever you want Create a suitable title for your blog website ( Note:- You Can Change it In Future )
  • Most Important :- a Blog Address is most important section for Your Blog Website . Blog address is Url (web address) of  Your Website So Pick Unique Blog address

Note:-  :-

  • No If Your Blog address name is Not available try different one
  • You Can Add Your Custom Domain In Future ( Like Srblog.in , YourBlogname.com oR whatever You want )

5. Choose Your Template and Hit Press Create A blog 

Finally You Created Your Blog start a blog


Publish a New Post:-

All Done Now Write Your Blog In Text it’s amazing and Start a Blog and Making Money From Your Blog

How To Create a New post Blog on Blogspot

  • First Of All Click post section button in left sidebar
  • Then Click On New POST

start a blog


  1. Create a Post Title For Your Blog (E.g:- This Is My First Tech Blog On Blogspot  )
  2. Now Write a Post
  3. You Can Also Change Url ( Click permalink and change custom link )
  4. Now Click preview and Customize and publish Your First Post

Finally You publish your first Blog Post

For Best Practice :-

  • Always Create a Unique post Don’t Copy from others website Because Google Robot.txt Will Detect You and Not visible on google search
  • Write a post  Minimum 300 Word For Better page ranking and View
  • Always Use Heading Tag , Bold Text and Highlight your Text For Better Page Rank
  • You Can Also Use Custom Permalink for eye-friendly link
  • Minimum Upload One Image Per Post For Better Ranking



International Payment : Make International Payment Online From INDIA

Hey Guys Many People  ask me To “How To Make International Payment From India ” ,how to make online payments using  Sbi debit card or Make International payment From India Or How To Pay Dollar From India  Read This Full Article and Know How To pay ali Express Or Other Merchant from Paypal Or Debit Card / Card

Make international payments from india:-

Today’s i want To Purchase Online From Abroad but When I Make payment From My SBI Debit Card  and other Debit card i Get Error Messages From Merchant

” Sorry Your Payment can Not Be  Complicated  Contact Your Bank Or Try Again Later ”

Here Is Complete Guide To ” Make International Payment From India


Make International Payment From SBI :-


Make International Transaction Using SBI Debit card :-

  • SBI Disabled by Default International Usages For Security Reason Because Someone Not Fraud With Your Card
  • If You Want To Make International Payment Using SBI Debit Card ( Silver , gold , platinum, Master Card , Visa Card , Classic card ) Follow Bellow Step

Activate International usage on SBI debit card :-

  1. Using Via Registered Mobile No From SBI Bank(Card)
  2. Open Text Message BOX
  3.  write SWON INTL 1234 ( e.g =1234 Is Last For Digit Of Your SBI card , SWON (space) INTEL(space) )
  4. Then Send It To 09223966666
  5. Now You Will Receive a confirmation Messages From SBI

Finally Your Card is activated For International Usages

Most Important :- If You Don’t Need Make More International payment Using SBI Debit Deactivate Your Card For International usage and save Your Card from Fraud

Deactivate Your SBI  Card on  International usage

  1. First of All Open Text Message BOX
  2.  write SWOFF INTL 1234 ( e.g =1234 Is Last For Digit Of Your SBI card , SWON (space) INTEL(space) )
  3. Then Send It To 09223966666
  4. Now You Will Receive a confirmation Messages From SBI


Alternate Option You Can Also Enable International usage on SBI debit card Via Net Banking

Enable International usage on SBI debit card Via Net Banking 

  1. First Of All Login Your SBI NET banking
  2. Then Go To E-service On Top Section Button
  3. Click on Card Service section and Click ATM card limit >>channel>>usage change
  4. Then Click Change usage Type >> International Usage and Enable It
  5. Now You Will Receive a confirmation Messages From SBI

Make International Payment From  ICICI Bank:-

if You are ICICI bank Customer and Don’t Make International Payment From India Don’t Worry Enable Your Card For International usage from India and make payment

Enable Your ICICI Card For International Usages :-

You Can Enable Your ICICI Bank card From Customers Service representative Then ask For Activate Your Card for International usages and Verify Your Ownership and Make International Payment From India

Alternate You Can Also Enable Your ICICI Card For International Usages from SMS

  • Using Via Registered Mobile No From ICICI Bank(Card)
  • Open Text Message BOX
  •  write INTL 1234 ( e.g =1234 Is Last For Digit Of Your ICICI card ,  INTEL(space) Your Last 4 Digit  )
  • Then Send It To 09223966666
  • Now You Will Receive a confirmation Messages From ICICI

Finally Your Card is activated For International Usages

Make International Payment From India

Most Important :– If You Don’t Need Make More International payment Using ICICI Debit Deactivate Your Card For International usage and save Your Card from Fraud

Read Also :- WordPress Tutorial For Begineers


Other Bank Like HDFC Bank , Axis Bank  ,Kotak Mahindra Bank and Other Private Bank Enable  Card For International Usages by default if Don’t Enable Then Call  Your Customers Service representative and ask To Enable Your Card For International Usages and Make International Payment From India

FAQ Note :-

  • if You Make International  Payment  From India You Don’t Need Any Information Like Your Mpin ,OTP( one Time password) So Always Deactivate Your Card For International usage
  • Bank Will be Never Ever ask For Such a ACCOUNT Related Information Like OTP , MPIN CVV or Expiry Of Your Card



how to make online payments using debit card

pay in dollars from sbi debit card

make international transaction using sbi debit card

how to pay in dollars from india using debit card

dollar payment through debit card

pay in dollars using indian credit card

how to pay in dollars from india using sbi debit card

how to make international payment through debit card



WordPress Tutorial : The Ultimate wordpress Guide

Hey Friends Are You Thinking about Create a WordPress Blog Websites IT’S Great Here Is Step By Step WordPress  Tutorial  For Beginners So Please Read The below article carefully and Make your Own wordpress Blog Website within Half an Hour

WordPress Tutorial:-

Wordpress Tutorial


  • Buy A Domain Name For Your Websites
  • Buy A hosting Provider For Your Blog Websites
  • Install WordPress On Your Blog Or Choose Pre-Installed WordPress Hosting
  • Install and Customise Theme template  For Your Blog Website
  • Create A First Post Or Page  On WordPress
  • install Plugin
  • Your Website Blog Is Ready

WordPress Tutorial

Buy A Domain Name For Your Websites :-

Most Important :- Buy A Suitable and Unique Domain Name For Your Website they Represent Your blog Website and Make More impression on Internet For e.g :- (google.com) , (Yahoo.com) (Amazon.com)  (Facebook.com)

Note:- Always Choose good Domain Extension For Your Website Like ( .com , .in , .Net , .Uk .info .pk)


How To Buy A Domain :-

Todays Many marketplace Sale Domain Online Like Godaddy , Bluehost , NameCheap and Much more.

So, Choose Best Domain Provider and Cheap For Your Budget

Most Important :- Always Choose Best Customer Service Provider For Your Domain Because You’re Beginners and Domain Provider  Customers  Care will Also Help You To Setup A Domain and Installation

Let’s Start To Creating A Worpress Website ,

Suppose I Choose Godaddy For Buy A Domain

Buy A Domain Name

  1. Enter A Unique Domain Name For Your Worpress Blog Website
  2. Suppose You Want To Buy SAURAVKUMARR ( Haha It’s Good my Name)
  3. Now Enter SAURAVKUMARR Then Click ON Search Domain
  4. Then Godaddy will Show Available Domain
  5. iF your Domain Name is Available then Buy It or Search It again with Diffrent Keyword
  6. Then Add IN your cart and proceed To checkout
  7. Then Fill The information And make payment
  8. after payment You will Get a  confirmation message on Your email and POP-UP

Congrats You Buy a Domain Now You Completed Step One In Next :- Buy or Hosting Provider 

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

Buy A hosting Provider For Your Blog Website:-

The most and main important factor to making a website is Buy A hosting Provider and plans Because if You Don’t have any Hosting space You don’t Host or aired Website On Internet Or World

Most Important :- Don’t UnFamiliar With Domain Name and Hosting Provider In Simple Word Domain is Like A Online Identity of property Don’t Hosting provider So , If You Want To Build and Host Then Buy A Hosting Provider

How To Buy A Hosting Provider :-

Many Popular Marketplace to Provide Hosting like Godaddy ,bluehost,hostgator and Much more In market

Chose Your Hosting provider and plans for IN Your Budget

  • WordPress Share Hosting :– If You buy WordPress share hosting Then You Need To install WordPress On Your Database and many other factor Powered By Linux and Windows Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting:- IF you are Beginners and make a blog website in very easy Then Buy Managed  By WordPress Hosting it’s Very easy No any Installation Needed

So Buy Managed By WordPress Hosting for Your Website ( godaddy or Bluehost)

Suppose I Want To Buy A Managed By wordpress hosting Via Godaddy Because it’s Seem Betters

wordpress TutorIaL

  1. first of All Open Godaddy and go to Hosting Section in Top Header Of Page
  2. Then Click wordpress Hosting And Choose WordPress Hosting in Budget Starter
  3. Now Click On  Configure button
  4. Then Checkout To processed
  5. Make a Payment Then after payment You will Get a  confirmation message on Your email and POP-UP

Congrats :- you Successfully Buy Hosting Provider For Your Blog

Next :- Install WordPress On hosting

Install WordPress:-

If You buy Manged By WordPress Hosting Then Go Hosting Of Your Websites then it’s Very easy click on manged hosting in your account section Otherwise Find Your Hosting Account Then Click On Login Option

  • in Login Section Click On WordPress one Click installation Then install it on your servers

Note:-  If You Find any issue or difficulties To Install WordPress On Your Server Then Best Option Is call Your Hosting provider and ask him to installed wordpress on Your server or Help

Congrats You install WordPress On Your Server

Next :- Setup WordPress Account 

Setup WordPress Account :-

WordPress Tutorial:-setup Your WordPress Account In This Section you can Create a WordPress Login Username , Login Password , Your Website Or blog Title about and Description Of Your Website

Wordpress Tutorial



  1. First Of all click the wordpress icon or in wordpress section ( Others Hosting Provider may be little difference button option)
  2. Then Click On Get Started Button
  3. Now Choose Your Domain Name you want To Host
  4. In Next You Need To Fill The information About Your Website
  5. create a Site Name ( Title of Your Website)
  6. Enter a username and password ( Always Choose 3d Password for wordpress because if easy hacker will hacked your website)
  7. Than Click Submit Button

Congrats You Setup Your WordPress Blog Website

in Next :- Publish and customize Your Wrodpress Blog Website and Post First Article On Your Page

Publish and Write First article on Your Website :-

WordPress Tutorial:-

Wordpress Tutorial

Wow Great in This Section You Will Learn about Customise Your Website as well as Design Your Blog Website so Let’s start

How To Design (Customise ) Your WordPress Blog 

  1. First of go To Appearance section and click theme
  2. You can Customise your pre-installed Theme or Choose over Millions Theme Best for your Website
  3. To Add Theme so Click On ADD theme and search or customise your website
  4. To Get More spend a time with Theme Customise section  and design best for your Website

How To Create A first post :-

  1. First of all click on post button
  2. then click on add New post and write your first post whatever you want

Hope You Like WordPress Tutorial best of luck dear Please  like our Facebook page for more tips and tricks Thanks

For more Info Visit :- www.wordpress.com

How To Fix svchost.exe Memory Leak Problem [Solved]

First Of All Welcome To SrBlog in This Tutorial You will Learn About how To Fix Svchost.exe Read This Article Carefully and Apply All Changes Carefully

Hey Friends I facing issue before a week after long Technique applied and Experiment Finally I solved My Problem Here Is Step By Step Tips To Fix svchost.exe

What is Svchost.exe:

The First Thing We Should Know About What Is Svchost.exe

  • Svchost.exe(Host Process Service ) Devloped By :- Microsoft is a process used to host one or more Windows operating system service
  • Svchost.exe Normally install itself for microsoft process service But Sometimes Malware Design A  Virus With similar Name ” svchost.exe”
  • If Svchost Host Process Service File Running then whenever You Connect to the internet They  starts consuming huge amount of data continuously .See In Pic


Most Important :- 

  • Svchost.exe(Host Process Service) File  Always located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • If  “svchost.exe” located in other folder can be considered as a malware ,Virus spyware, trojan or worm


Fix Svchost.exe:-

Check The Svchost.exe File Affected  On Your Computer Or Not 

  1. First Of All Open The “task manager’. Apps Or Alternatively Press Windows key + X,
  2. In the task manager app, click on the Processes tab.
  3. Find Svchost.exe File and Click File Location  If  “svchost.exe” located in other folder can be considered as a malware ,Virus spyware, trojan or worm

Step 1:-Disable Windows Auto Update :-

Main Reason behind svchot.exe Running is also Windows Update Service (Windows update) Try To Disable windows update on Your Pc  Then Fix Svchost.exe

Here ,

How To Disable Windows Service   auto Update 

Fix svchost.exe

  • First Of All Hit Press Ctlr+Alt+Del keys  and then open Task Manager.
  • Then Task Manger will Appears On Windows Screen
  • In Task Manger Click Process button and  swipe Down then Find svchost.exe
  • Then Now Right Click On svchost.exe
  • Click On End Task

After End Task Now Open Run Command (Hit Press Windows key + R )

Fix svchost.exe

  • Now Press Service.msc Then Click Ok Button
  • Then Services Will Be Appears On Your Screen
  • In Services Swipe Down And Found Windows Update
  • Now Right Click On Windows Update and Go To Properties option
  • iN properties Section Now Disable Your Window Update Services

Step2:- Delete Software Distribution File  :-

Delete Software Distribution File On Windows Because windows update cache will store in them

Here is Step By Step To How To Delete Software Distribution File On Your Windows

  • First OF All Open Windows Exploer
  • Then Open C Drive File Folder
  • Find And Open Windows Folder
  • IN Windows Folder Swipe down and Find Software Distribution File and Delete

Most Important :- After Deleted Software Distribution Folder Restart your computer then Check process hope it’s Working Fine

Fix Svchost.exe


  • If Above process Will Not Work TROUBLESHOOT YOUR windows Update
  • if You are Windows 10 User update Windows Bit defender or antivirus on Your PC
  • You Can Also Check using Windows Cd Drive Boot Option

get more info visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/12373/windows-update-faq

Conclusion :- Always Try To Regular Update Your PC such as windows Update and also Bit defender

Most Important :- If you are trying hard and host process service (svchost.exe) Not Resolved on your pc format your c drive and Update Your window







mAadhaar Apps launched Now Carry Your aadhaar on mobile(UIDAI)

mAadhaar Apps launched :-

  Hey Guys UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India ) launched Today m-Aadhaar Apps For Android User Now You Don’t Need To Carry Any Physical Aadhaar Card Carry Your Aadhaar Card Via Your Smartphone So Download Now

mAadhaar Apps:- No Need To Carry Aadhar Card



Table Of Content :-

  • mAadhaar  Apps Latest Version
  • Features Of m Aadhaar Apps
  • How To Use m Aadhaar Apps

mAadhaar Apps Latest Version :-

  • Latest Version :-1.1.0
  • Require Android :- 4.4 Or Above
  • Developed By :-UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India )

Visit UIDAI for More Info 

Note:- Apps In Development Mode May Be Cause Some Error

Most Important :

  • If You Have Registred Mobile Number Thru Aadhaar Card (Unique Identification Authority of India)  Then You Can access mAadhaar card Because UIDAI send OTP on Registerd Mobile No Then Verify It

Features Of mAadhaar Apps:-

  1. . Aadhaar Card  profile download
  2. Lock Or Unlock Aadhaar Biometric
  3. generate OTP(One Time Password)
  4. Share e-kyc


Aadhaar Card  profile download :-

  • After You Login and Verify Then m-Aadhaar Apps Show Following Information
  • Aadhaar card user Can Download Digital Aadhaar Card Via mAadhar app
  • mAadhaar Apps Show ” Name, Date of Birth, Gender & Address along with photograph”

Lock Or Unlock Aadhaar Biometric :-

After You Login and Verify Then You Can Access Lock Or Unlock Aadhaar Biometric

How To Lock or Unlock Aadhaar Biometric  :-

  • Open The MaAdhaar Apps
  • >> Enter Your Password
  • >> Go To Left Tap Option
  • Click On Lock Or Unlock  Biometric
  • Finally You Can Lock Or Unlock  Biometric Via M aadhaar Apps

As Simple As You Can  generate OTP(One Time Password) and Share e-kyc thru m Aadhaar Apps


Most Important :-

How To Access mAadhaar Apps :-

mAadhar apps Download Now :- Carry Aadhar On You SMARTPHONE

  1. First Of All Open The Play Store Apps
  2. Then Search m -Aadhaar Then Download or Simply Click Here To Download
  3. Now Open The m -Aadhaar Apps On Your Smartphone
  4. Then Enter A New Password For Apps Opening
  5. Now Enter Your 12-Digit Aadhaar Card Number
  6. Then Wait Till Verify
  7. Finally You Can Successfully Access M aadhaar Apps On Your Smartphone



  • m Aadhaar Apps Can Only Access when Register mobile number on your Device Because UIDAI will be Verify Automatic Via Your OTP and Access It



More Info Vist:-https://uidai.gov.in/



How To Root Android Without PC

How to root android phone without PC Tutorial:-

Hey Guys First Of ALL Welcome To Srblog In This Tutorial you will learn about How To Root Android phone without PC  Step By Step Tutorial By Using Phone How To Root Your Device.”

How To ROOT android without PC

Table Of Content:-

  • why Root.
  • Root android Phone By using Kingoroot via Phone.
  • install twrp on Your phone


why Root:-

  • Root is Process That User can directly access superuser (administrator ) Permission
  • After Rooted your phone you can Access, Change, Customize it whatever You want
  • After Root You will be able to uninstall system unwanted App
  • Fully Control Your Android Device
  • After Hack You Can access Developer Apps and Much More
  • You Can Flash Or install Custom Rom on Your Android Device
  • Land Android Version After Installing Custom Os

How To Root Android phone Without PC:-

First Of All if You want To Root Your android Phone Without pc It’s Great using Android Rooting Tools And Root Your Android Device

Before You starting:-

  • Battery will above 60+ plus
  • Make Sure Your Phone having Internet Connection
  • Make Sure You Really Want To Root Your Phone
  • Backup Your Fully Data Because Maybe data loss

Root Your Android Phone With Kingo Root Apk-


KingoRoot is The One Of Most Popular Android Tools To Root Your Android Device without Pc Here Is Step By Step Tutorial To Root Your Android Without Pc

  1. First Of Download The Official Kingroot APk from Website Or Click Here
  2. After Success Full Download Then Install It Own Your Phone
  3. If Your Phone Say On Pop-up ” Install Blocked “(Don’t Worry Go To Setting Enable Unknown Source INSTALL )
  4. If All done Open The KingoRoot Apps On Your
  5. Then kingoroot will Checking Eligibility To Your Phone
  6. If Your phone Eligible For Rooting You Will Shown Root Button
  7. Hit Clicks On The Root Button
  8. Waiting For Complete
  9. After Completed
  10. Finally Your Phone Has Been Rooted

Most Important During Root

  • while you Root Android Phone Via KingoRoot Sometimes failed To ROOT try 2-3 Times
  • If Your Phone Having Boot loader you Don’t Root Your Device Because Boot loader don’t give permission to Root Any device
  • Unlock Your Bootloader On Your Phone Official Website
  • Some Phone Don’t have Available rooting via Kingoroot Because Kingroot don’t develop Rooting Binary Language For Device
  • Try To Root Your Phone With PC Via TWRP


  • Please Don’t Root Your Android Device In warranty period Because Your Provider Don’t provide  Warranty in Rooted Phone
  • Do it At Your Own Risk
  • We Don’t Hold Any Responsibility or any Error Problem Caused By Following Guide .
  • If Above Step Might Be Don’t WORK Try To Root Your Phone With PC Via TWRP


Some Other Popular  Root Apps Via phone Might Be Help You :-

Install TWRP on Your phone :-
  1. First Of All Install Flashify on Your Phone Via Playstore
  2. Download The TWRP recovery For Your Phone
  3. After Install flashify Open it and Click on Recovery Image
  4. Most important Browse and Select TWRP Project
  5. Then Flash It On Your Device
  6. Tap the Reboot option and Wait
  7. Finally TWRP install on Your Phone



how to root android phone without pc


How to root android with Pc Step By Step Tutorial

How to root android phone with PC Tutorial:-

” Hey Guys First Of ALL Welcome To Srblog In This Tutorial you will learn about How To Root Android with PC  Step By Step Tutorial By Using PC or Without Using PC and How To install TWRP on your Phone.”

how To root android with PC

Table Of Content:-

  • What is Root.
  • Root android Phone By using Kingoroot.
  • Root Android By using TWRP


What is Root:-

  • Root is Process That User can directly access superuser (administrator ) Permission
  • Root your phone you can Access, Change, Customize it any way you want.
  • After Root You will be able to uninstall system unwanted App
  • Fully Control Your Android Device


How To Root Android phone By using PC:-

How To Root Android With PC:-

Root android Phone By using Kingo root.:-

Root Your Android with PC

First Of all If You want To Root Your Android Phone By Using PC then Kingoroot is Very easiest way to root Your Android phone in just simple click.

First Of All Read All the Condition on Before You starting

Before You starting:-

  • Battery will above 60+ plus
  • Your Pc Having internet connection
  • Using Good Data cable(Usb) Don’t use Damage Data Cables
  • Make Sure You Really Want To Root Your Phone
  • Backup Your Fully Data Because Maybe data loss
  • Make Sure Your USB driver working properly

Enable USB Debugging Mode:-

Before Starting root Your Android Phone By Using PC most Important Enable USB debugging mode

  • First of all Go to Setting
  • click On About Phone option then Tap 7-10 Times
  • That will activate developer Mode Option
  • Open The Developer mode option
  • Tick The Enable USB debugging

Root android Phone By using Kingo root

if All Done Then read out all step Carefully “How to root android phone by using Pc” Step By Step Tutorial 

  1. First Of All go To Setting and Enable USB Debugging Mode on Your Android Phone( Read The above)
  2. Download and Install The kingoRoot Root Apps on Your Windows PC Or Download Kingo ROOT LINK
  3. If Install Kingoroot On Your PC Then Open It
  4. Then Connect Your Android phone with pc
  5. After Connecting Your phone  will shown on pop-up USB Debugging Mode
  6. Now Run The kingo root apps on your Pc
  7. Sometimes Take a while because Install automatically Device Driver On Your Android Phone.
  8. Now begin Root Your Android By Simple click On Root
  9. It’s Take some Times on show percentage After 100% Completed your phone Will be Automatic Reboot
  10. Finally Your phone has been Rooted Sucessfully


most Important :-

How To Root Android with PC


#iF this Process May Not Work In Some Device Try Root Your Device With TWRP we Update Soon



  • Don’t Root Your Android Device while in warranty period Because Rooting Device can’t provide by any warranty by company .
  • Do it At Your Own Risk 
  • We Don’t Hold Any Responsibility or any Error Problem Caused By Following Guide .





How To Root Android with PC




Facebook messenger lite Launched Download Now

Facebook Messenger Lite Launched in India:-

“Hey friends Facebook messenger Lite launched in india Finally Launched In India Download Now  Yesterday Read Out What’s A new on Messenger Lite ”


  • First of all
  •  A Big a problem faced by the majority of users in India
  • Because of  Low storage space and some user have slow internet connection So, Message lite is available in  india
  • In this article you will learn about features of messenger lite and drawback of messenger lite


Facebook Messenger Lite:-

Facebook messenger Lite Launched In india 1

  • Facebook Messenger lite is lite Version Of official Facebook messenger.
  • Messenger Lite apk  weight is Only up to 10mb It’s Good For low Storage Smartphone User.
  • Lite uses less data storage space so save Storage  space for other apps.
  • messenger lite is currently available for android user only
  • Facebook messenger lite is currently download 10+ million
  • it’s less data uses

Drawback on facebook messenger lite :-

  • Messenger Lite Version 9.0 in india have No Video Call Option
  • facebook messenger currently don’t show messenger badge on your profile or friends profile pic
  • it’s not yet to  have option like messenger scan messenger code
  • you don’t use your messenger like ” make messenger use message “
  • lite version of facebook messenger don’t provide status option currently

most important :-

So  in The conclusion:- 

“so If You Want To use facebook messenger only chat purpose so it’s good for you”


Facebook messenger Lite launched in india  Version:-

  • facebook lite 9.0 in india
  • Offered By Facebook
  • Requires Android:-2.0 To above

So download Now on Your Android

How To install Facebook messenger Lite:-

  1. First of all Open Play Store
  2. Then Search facebook messenger Lite
  3. Now Clicks the Install Button
  4. Finally You install messenger lite on your smartphone
Fact :-Facebook Achieves A New Milestone, Reaches 2 Billion Users




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How to stop windows 10 / Pro auto update

How to stop windows 10 / Pro auto update:-

” Hey Guys Welcome Srblog.in in This Tutorial you Learn About How To Stop(Disable) Windows 10/ pro Auto Update”


  • Windows 10 / 10 Pro is Today Most Uses Worldwide PC OS
  • Windows Will Always Provided Best Update for Improving Security and Drivers Update

disable window auto update


What is Windows Update :-

The Windows  Update will Always Provided update in  includes new innovations, features and security capabilities. So Windows will Auto Provided update via auto-updates Or Windows Update Assistant.

So’ If You don’t want to auto update your windows here is step by step Process:-



  • Windows Will Automatics set a Default auto update on your PC for best features and security Capabilities

So, If You don’t want to you can disable auto update on your pc

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How to stop windows 10 auto update:-

You can manage or Stop the Windows 10 Auto upgrade by using any of the following Step

Here Is Two Ways To Turn Off / Disabled Auto Update you can also try second method

How To Turn Off Windows Update:-

  • Open The windows 10 startup Menu


Open The Startup Menu Windows 10 Update

  • Search It  services.msc then open it ( Or open Run (Windows Button + R)  Then Type services.msc and Run It You will Open New Pop-up

How To disable windows auto update


  • Scroll Down and Go to Window Update Double Clicks on IT ( or Right clicks go to properties )
  • Now Go to General Section

How do i start windows 10 auto update

  • Then Select Startup Type You will show The menu (Automatics, Automatics Delay in start , manual , Disabled )
  • select ‘Disabled’ in the Startup type list .
  • clicks Apply button and OK ‘ Congrats Your Computer Will No longer provide Auto Update on Your PC

So, Try Also Second Method



Block windows 10/ Pro Auto Update using Computer Configuration:

You can also  block Your Windows Auto upgrade (or stop windows 10 pro auto update) by using Computer Configuration,


Here is Step By Step Tutorials :-


  1. first of all Press Win-R, type gpedit.msc, press Enter. This will be open  the Local Group Policy Editor.
  2. Now Find Computer Configuration and Click on It
  3. Then Click on The Policies Option.
  4. Now Clicks  Administrative Templates.
  5. Click Windows Components.
  6. Click Windows Update.
  7. Double-click Turn off the upgrade to the latest version of Windows through Windows Update.
  8. Click Enable.
  9. finally You Block Windows Auto Update 


finally you ” stop windows 10 pro auto update ” Hope You Like It  also Check more Blog

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