How to Access the Deep Web on android and PC

How To  Access the Deep/Dark Web :-

Hey Guys are how to access the deep web on Android and PC .

 Many people Finding information about deep/dark web and want to know how to Access deep web. if You want to browse deep web on your PC and android  here Step by Step process to browse Deep  web.

 Deep web:-

  • Deep web is like Hidden website
  • that means they web address or Domain can’t visible on Search engine.
  • Most important’   Deep web have store more secret information like , someone private information like phone numbers email address ,private photo, private personal adults video and all leaks and crack software .
  • Mainly deep web are knows as hacking .
  • Because  they have lot’s of hacking stuff and private information about hacking and prank website source code .



  • All Information i provided are  only for educational purpose not to share relevant data and not for criminal activity and please don’t do any criminal stuff do it’s your risk
  • Always we respect Cyber law and you also too.



Accessing the Deep Web Using Tor:-

  • Tor   it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection From somewhere.
  • Tor software will protects your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers Tor will also prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.
  • it’s will also help You Access websites which can be blocked or not available.

So’ Here now started 


  • Click here to go to the Tor Website, and Clicks the  download Button and  download it.
  • After downloading tor tool
  • then install it on your phone or Pc
  • Now open tor browser
  • then click start button
  • Now clicks browser and check is your browsing configure 
  • You will see message like congrats Your browser is configure    


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