How To Fix svchost.exe Memory Leak Problem [Solved]

Fix svchost.exe

First Of All Welcome To SrBlog in This Tutorial You will Learn About how To Fix Svchost.exe Read This Article Carefully and Apply All Changes Carefully

Hey Friends I facing issue before a week after long Technique applied and Experiment Finally I solved My Problem Here Is Step By Step Tips To Fix svchost.exe

What is Svchost.exe:

The First Thing We Should Know About What Is Svchost.exe

  • Svchost.exe(Host Process Service ) Devloped By :- Microsoft is a process used to host one or more Windows operating system service
  • Svchost.exe Normally install itself for microsoft process service But Sometimes Malware Design A  Virus With similar Name ” svchost.exe”
  • If Svchost Host Process Service File Running then whenever You Connect to the internet They  starts consuming huge amount of data continuously .See In Pic


Most Important :- 

  • Svchost.exe(Host Process Service) File  Always located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • If  “svchost.exe” located in other folder can be considered as a malware ,Virus spyware, trojan or worm


Fix Svchost.exe:-

Check The Svchost.exe File Affected  On Your Computer Or Not 

  1. First Of All Open The “task manager’. Apps Or Alternatively Press Windows key + X,
  2. In the task manager app, click on the Processes tab.
  3. Find Svchost.exe File and Click File Location  If  “svchost.exe” located in other folder can be considered as a malware ,Virus spyware, trojan or worm

Step 1:-Disable Windows Auto Update :-

Main Reason behind svchot.exe Running is also Windows Update Service (Windows update) Try To Disable windows update on Your Pc  Then Fix Svchost.exe

Here ,

How To Disable Windows Service   auto Update 

Fix svchost.exe

  • First Of All Hit Press Ctlr+Alt+Del keys  and then open Task Manager.
  • Then Task Manger will Appears On Windows Screen
  • In Task Manger Click Process button and  swipe Down then Find svchost.exe
  • Then Now Right Click On svchost.exe
  • Click On End Task

After End Task Now Open Run Command (Hit Press Windows key + R )

Fix svchost.exe

  • Now Press Service.msc Then Click Ok Button
  • Then Services Will Be Appears On Your Screen
  • In Services Swipe Down And Found Windows Update
  • Now Right Click On Windows Update and Go To Properties option
  • iN properties Section Now Disable Your Window Update Services

Step2:- Delete Software Distribution File  :-

Delete Software Distribution File On Windows Because windows update cache will store in them

Here is Step By Step To How To Delete Software Distribution File On Your Windows

  • First OF All Open Windows Exploer
  • Then Open C Drive File Folder
  • Find And Open Windows Folder
  • IN Windows Folder Swipe down and Find Software Distribution File and Delete

Most Important :- After Deleted Software Distribution Folder Restart your computer then Check process hope it’s Working Fine

Fix Svchost.exe


  • If Above process Will Not Work TROUBLESHOOT YOUR windows Update
  • if You are Windows 10 User update Windows Bit defender or antivirus on Your PC
  • You Can Also Check using Windows Cd Drive Boot Option

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Conclusion :- Always Try To Regular Update Your PC such as windows Update and also Bit defender

Most Important :- If you are trying hard and host process service (svchost.exe) Not Resolved on your pc format your c drive and Update Your window







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Saurav Kumar R

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Saurav Kumar R
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  • Fix Svchost.exe


Hey Friends i faced issue in my computer before week then after many experiment finally i fix my issue

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    Saurav Kumar R
    Hey welcome i write Latest tech blog about mobile Tips aNDROID, Windows,wordpress and More

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